Meet our Pastor
Andy Halsey

Andy was ordained in the PCA in 2006 and pastored the Presbyterian church in Charleston, Mississippi, for 12 years where he gained a noticable love for Southern Culture. He is adamant that his migraine headaches are completely unrelated to his love of the 5-string banjo. He can do spot-on voice impersonations of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Sinclair Ferguson but has not been able to preach like them. He moved north in 2019, joined Evangel Presbytery, and began working to plant Christ Church in 2020. He and his wife, Grace, have five children.


Meet our Assistant Pastor
Joe Helt

Joe has been in the pastoral ministry for 10 years and is a graduate of New Geneva Academy.  Joe drives big trucks, tells funny stories (that are mostly true), and has an encyclopedic knowledge of doctrinal controversies, Christmas movies, and suspenders. He and his wife, Sarah, have over six children.